An Award For Signage?

It was interesting reading the article in August Bank Holiday Mondays Evening Post, it was about the Leeds City Council staff in Seacroft getting an award for their good work making road signs. The comment that jumped out at me was “when you’re out and about, you can’t help but take notice of every sign you see.” If that is the case, why does Bruntcliffe Road in Morley have signs indicating a 30mph speed limit; when the actual speed limit is 40mph. ImageThis stretch of road has had the wrong signage for 3 months, at least since May. Driving through these traffic lights the signage indicates a 30 mph speed limit, but other signs indicate a 40 mph limit. How can road safety be a priority when no speed limit can be enforced?


Day Trip Pensioner


Cuts to local bus services is affecting the elderly. This is why a blanket free bus travel for the pensioners is poor use use of public money. The cuts to local bus services are affecting the people that most needs free bus travel; whilst the “day trip pensioner” gets a free jolly. There was an article in the Telegraph recently about a pensioner couple, Michael and Jacqui Burden, they decided to leave their two cars at home and instead hopped from one local to service to another as they travelled between their Devon home and Carlisle. These are the people that do not need free bus travel; yet the tax payer is funding it. Whilst the real deserving pensioners just wants to get to the local clinic or hospital, has to pay for a taxi because the bus services are too sparse.


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