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Leeds City Council wants to change the way they let their homes; they want to reduce the number of houses that they give those that have waited the longest. They currently give 25% of their housing stock to people with a local connection, that have been on the waiting list the longest. Local people presently wait year, after year, after year, for a council house, why is their wait so long? And now the council want to increase this wait.

If you roll up at Heathrow or Dover from somewhere such as Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, India and Pakistan, then a kind-heart somewhere will almost certainly declare you need urgent help and will rubber- stamp your priority application for a roof over your head. In Ealing 45 per cent and in Haringey it is 43 per cent of their council houses are occupied by immigrants. Leeds has fewer immigrants, but what if the figure is just half of that? Over 1.7 million households are currently waiting for social housing. The people that get subsidised housing should be the people that have contributed towards it.


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citizens-panel-your-leeds-your-say-a6-adWhy is it that so many of us are so stubbornly resistant to joining in with anything to do with local government?

I only ask because it turns out that our local council’s flagship vehicle for finding out what we think and what we’re worried about – the Citizens’ Panel – is struggling to get enough people to sign up.

Re-launched as a mainly online tool in October last year by Leeds City Council, the panel set itself the target of enlisting 6,000 people to participate in regular surveys about local services and issues.

That’s 6,000 over-18s from a population of around 600,000. Just one per cent.

But only 3,900 of us have bothered so far, despite a pretty comprehensive promotional campaign that used social and traditional media, plus educational, housing and other networks to reach up to 200,000 of us.

“Efforts to undertake citizens panel recruitment have been more…

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