The Trade Union Bill

The trade union bill going through Parliament is a political attack on a vital organisation for many people. I am hoping that the bill will have many changes to it in the House Of Lords, the Lords seem to have the balance of views that our MPs do not. The trade union bill will see the prospect of people protesting on picket lines being forced to wear an arm band to identify themselves, the bill would also impose a minimum 50% turnout – and public sector strikes would need the backing of at least 40% of those eligible to vote. In an ideal world a 40% turnout would be a good thing for all elections, but just singling out the public sector is wrong.

David Davis as saying this trade union bill is like something from the dark days of General Francos regime, which our present Government is becoming more like every day. We have gone back to the days of the Conservatives being the nasty party. In 2005 David Davis won the first round of the leadership election to lead the Tory party, had became the leader of the Conservative party instead of David Cameron, things would be much fairer.

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