Community spirit?

Store should pay for festive lights

LAST week Morley town councillors were due to consider if they wanted to spend the £12,000 needed to fund Morley’s Christmas lights.

I certainly hope that Christmas is not cancelled, but Christmas can go ahead without our taxes funding Christmas lights and Christmas trees.

Morrisons supermarket has been trading in Morley since 1972; it is one of the Morrisons stores that earns more than £1 million every year.

In 2010 Morrisons was awarded fresh produce retailer of the year and meat retailer of the year. The entire Morrisons group made £632 million after tax, in the year up to 2011.

Morrisons is a very good supermarket that is well used by many of Morley’s residents, including myself; the store does very well, being Morley’s number one supermarket. It employs many local people and it is at the heart of our community, it benefits from a council-owned and run car park.

But now it is time for Morrisons to put some of our money back into Morley.

Morrisons can afford, at the very least, to brighten up Windsor Court with a Christmas tree and lights, but the funding for Morley’s entire Christmas lights would only cost £12,000 – not a great deal of money when the Morrisons in Morley makes more than £1 million every year.

And then Morley will show its appreciation by continuing to shop at Morrisons, week in, week out.

Tax payers’ money should be spent helping to keep open essential services such as Knowle Manor, and not funding Christmas lights.


Knowle Manor, old peoples care home

In these times of cuts it does seem bizarre that money is being spent on some frivolous things whilst the old and needy suffer. It has just been announced that Party in the Park, will be held on Sunday 31 July, hosted and funded by Leeds City Council, there is expected to be an audience of 70,000 at Temple Newsam Park, Leeds. All paid for by the Leeds tax payer. What other things come before caring for the elderly? The Leeds Lord Major costs the tax payer around a third of a million pounds every year. When Judith Elliot was Lord Mayor of Leeds in 2009/10, the official figures show that two official cars cost £11,650 and £5,547 for the clothing allowance for the Mayor and her partner. Here in Morley the Town Council spends on average more than half of our taxes on admin and pomp. The very people that are campaigning to save Knowle Manor old peoples home, seem to be spending money as if no one cared. It does seem that people spend other peoples money more freely than they would their own.

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