The Conservative vote went from 31.1% to 8.4%.

In the recent Bradford West by-election that saw George Galloway get a massive victory, the BBCs web site states that the Conservatives vote went down more than 20%. It went down a lot more than 20%. The Conservative vote went from 31.1% to 8.4%. So when the Conservatives are saying this result is a massive blow for Labour, this result is massive for all the main parties. The Conservatives are doing their best to deflect attention away from the collapse of the vote from both the main parties.

George Galloway is not a popular figure, he is an ex-MP that when he was in office he had one of the lowest voting participation records in parliament at 8.4%. In January 2006 George Galloway appeared on the fourth series of Celebrity Big Brother for three weeks, he received much criticism and mockery for a sitting member of parliament at the time, leading to the allegation that he was bringing parliament into disrepute. If an unpopular figure such as George Galloway can cause the Labour and Conservative vote to collapse, then the next Parliament could have representatives from the English Democrats and UKIP, or any party with big profile.


Parking Strategies

Commercial Street in Morley was closed for a period after a serious road accident. A 60-year-old man suffered serious injuries in the crash, which happened close to the junction of Commercial Street and Hope Street in Morley at about 1.20pm on Monday, March 26. He was taken to Leeds General Infirmary for treatment. West Yorkshire Police said the incident involved a grey Renault Megane. Witnesses are asked to contact the force’s major collision inquiry team via the 101 non-emergency number.

As I am local resident, I have walked passed this junction on many occasions, and I have noticed it can get very congested.

So I emailed the Leeds City Council highways department to ask them if parking by blue badge holders should be restricted around this junction. I have also asked them to relax parking restrictions on Peel Street in previous times, because that is a wider road and used by fewer vehicles. People have also raised questions about the loading bay in Peel Street, for Wilkinsons. Whilst Morley town centre is really busy, this loading bay is mostly unused.

So whilst Leeds City Council hold reviews on parking strategies, in areas such as Garforth and Wetherby; perhaps Morley should have one too?

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