Socialism has lost its way?

At a time when the spotlight was on the likes of Jimmy Carry and more than 1,000 people, who are thought to be using the Jersey-based K2 tax avoidance scheme. The prime minister has suggested that people under the age of 25 could lose the right to housing benefit, as part of moves to cut the welfare bill. The wealth of benefits that even ordinary families get is massive, why single out the young? If the average family earning £16,000 buy their own house, they get no handouts, if they rent, then they qualify for housing benefit. There are many different benefits that dissuade people from making the right choices. Get rid of income tax for anyone earning enough to claim housing benefit, and make the wealthy pay a fair share. Aneurin Bevan, introduced the National Health Service in 1948. He would be turning in his grave if he was aware of the millions that ill old people need to pay for their own health care. Health care should be free. Instead, we have free handouts of child care, free entry into museums, television licences, bus passes; and the council spending millions on an Arena for our entertainment. I don’t consider myself a socialist, but I can see the need for essential services such as health and education being free for life, but that is not the case. We have lost our way, as a society, too many things are free, but the wrong things.



A little more than ten years ago, climate change was coming into the news because of the United Kingdoms hot weather; in recent times the weather in the UK has been a little cooler and climate change is no longer a top news story. In the early news stories about climate change the BBC web sites predicted more precipitation, but more droughts in the UK. Precipitation was not a word that I was familiar with, so I had to look up its meaning. It basically means, more rain. I could not understand how the BBC web site for climate change was predicting more droughts in England, yet more rain. I am sure everyone now understands how we can have both drought and more rain. In parts of the United States and Canada, their last winter has been so remarkably mild some have dubbed it “the year without winter.” So even though the United States is controlled by and anti science religion and big corporations the people are now starting believe that the earth really is warming. Even the creationism churches and anti-climate change Fox news cannot stop the facts forever.

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