Parents Want a Say

At last, someone is challenging these stupid term time holiday fines. Members of the group “Parents Want a Say” are seeking a judicial review challenging a Department for Education decision to remove the discretion of headteachers to approve term time absences in “special circumstances”. These changes that affect the poorest the most, were not in any manifesto, no parents were consulted, no businesses, and no pupils were consulted. The Department for Education insist there is no outright ban and that a head still has discretion to grant leave of absence, but only in exceptional circumstances. But they refuse to define exceptional circumstances.

A £120 fine per child per parent for what should be quality time spent with their families is just another tax on the poor. There has even been instances where children have not been granted time off for their parents wedding, this new system is a political joke and should be treated as such. Everyone should refuse to pay these fixed penalty notices, I will be doing exactly that. Children with very good attendance and on target with their school work should be granted some flexibility. In a poll asking if parents should be allowed to take their children out of school in term time, 87% said yes.

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