Vote Remain

What are the issues that make people want to leave the EU, immigration, lack of housing, getting a doctors appointment, migrants keeping wages down or being favoured when it comes to jobs?

The people to blame for 330,000 per year immigration is our last and present Government. The Conservatives have been in power for six years. When they were elected in 2010, they promised to keep net immigration to below 100,000; they made the same promise in the run up to the 2015 general election; 184,000 people came into this country from outside of the EU. If vote leave wins the referendum, they may promise nothing, or they may promise to keep net immigration to below 100,000.

Half of our immigration is from outside the EU, and half from inside the EU. So why is net immigration over 330,000 when we can control it from outside of the EU.?
We can reduce immigration now, there is no need to leave the EU. We can also build more housing and schools, with our elected representatives fighting for funding and helping the planning process. So many things are delayed or cancelled due to planning objections and strict planning rules, not the fault of the EU.

Margaret Thatcher brought in the right to buy your own council house, a very good policy. But we need to build more houses, social housing, the lack of housing is not the fault of the EU.

Our NHS is performing poorly; because of Jeremy Hunts poor handling of the doctors pay increase.
Manufacturing is already in recession, but things could get worse if we vote leave. Vote remain, but campaign for better democracy.

It is a shame that we live in a more divided country. Lets hope that after this referendum councillors and politicians can be more honest, and not scapegoat the EU, get on with their job in a positive way and fix our problems.

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