£100,000 worth of advertising?

In reply to the Olympic athlete, Stephen Parry, his letter in the Yorkshire Evening Post about getting more children to learn to swim. It is a very worthy cause, a “life skill” that can save a persons life. However, putting the responsibility on schools to teach children to swim is a step in the wrong direction. Parents can get paternity and maternity benefits, maternity grants from the social fund; child benefit, tax allowances and even parents that earn up to £72,000 can qualify. And even without all this help, the responsibility of what a child learns should be down to the parents, with the help of schools and other Government agencies. Stephen Parrys’ letter states that Kelloggs will fund school swimming to the tune of £100,000, the problem is not funding. The problem is knowing who has the final responsibility to teach the children to swim, schools or parents. What next, will schools teach youngsters how to ride a bike?

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