Biological Diversity

grass n sweets 2013 017

Councils around the country have been criticised by Plantlife, a conservation organisation that’s aim is to protect and conserve wild plants, for cutting grass verges too often. The flowers in our grass verges can be very important to bees and other beneficial insects, which have very much been on the decline in recent years. Leeds City Council and every Government body have a legal commitment under section 74 of the Countryside and Right of Way act 2000 (CROW); it places a duty on any Government Department in the exercise of their functions to have regard to the purpose of conserving biological diversity in accordance with the UN Convention on Biological Diversity 1992. Allowing more wild flowers to grow should be a great excuse for the council to save money. Why every spot of grass has to be mown, is just the council not knowing when to stop. Large steep verges at the side of motorways, dual carriageways and just about everywhere, gets mown, when perhaps its just not needed. Natural Heritage recently said that managing road verges like a hay meadow could create habitats rich in wildlife, skylarks and many other small animals could be drawn to roadsides.


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