The Number One Cause Of Car Accidents

With recent surveys carried out on main roads showing that people were driving whilst using their mobile phone on a ridiculously regular scale. The police and councils fixation with speeding needs to end. We all know that we need to drive in accordance with the law when passing a speed camera. Why cant the police set up secret cameras that recognises people using their mobile phone? Even my £50 camera phone has face recognition. Perhaps someone could design a computer program that could recognise a driver using his/her mobile? And whilst I am on the crusade for better road safety, what about having UNMARKED mobile speed cameras? Make drivers drive with care, all the time, because they don’t know when they might come across a speed camera. Four of the five most commonly reported reasons for a crash involved driver error or reaction, says the Department for Transport. “Failed to look properly” was the biggest reason of all, reported in 42% of all accidents. How can drivers “look properly” when they are using a mobile phone? We have recently heard that Bradford City Council have unveiled its new weapon, a new £50,000 CCTV car will be patrolling the district’s schools, catching motorists to stop illegal parking. If Bradford City Council can fund a brand new vehicle costing £50,000 in total, perhaps our new police commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson, has some available funds?


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