Police ‘contact points’


Local Councillors and our MP, Ed Balls are campaigning against the weekend closure and the closure of the help desk of the Morley police station. Some think that instead of letting the police prioritise their finances, we should force them to keep the station open and pay, from council tax funds, to run the police station. Is this just playing politics with public services? The majority of contact with the police is no longer face to face over a police counter. Over the whole country there has been a decrease in people attending police station counters to report crime and to visit overall. If we close the least busiest police counters we could potentially free up many police officers. The Police force wants to close the quietest front counters across the country and replace each with ‘contact points’, and boost the number of officers available for the front-line. These ‘contact points’ would be in busy places such as supermarkets, town centre shops or faith centres – the exact locations being decided locally. Let the police decide how to run their service, they can and do contact people via facebook, and in many other new and innovative ways.



One Response to Police ‘contact points’

  1. shades says:

    I think that front counters are manned by civilian staff, not warranted officers.

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