The Number One Cause of Accidents?

The Police ignore many driving offences, parking on the pavement is just one. In the recent poor weather, fog and snow, some drivers seem to be in a world of their own; but in reality they are in charge of vehicle that vehicle that can kill if not used in accordance with the Highway Code. I see drivers every day with a defective light, driving whilst using a mobile phone or driving without the correct lights when you cannot see for more than 100 metres (328 feet).

The Police and Councils like to erect speed cameras, but when they have a speed camera in place all other motoring offences get forgotten about. Speeding is their number one issue.

Yet in a Department for Transport study, their statistics show that going too fast for the conditions caused just 7% of accidents; yet failure to look properly was the top cause of accidents, at 18%. Vehicles not having the correct lighting will obviously add to that, yet the police are no where to be seen. Perhaps speed cameras have been so successful, that the police now need to concentrate on this issue? I will be asking the new West Yorkshire police commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson, what he will be doing about the number one cause of accidents.


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