Morley Civic Society

It was very interesting to read about Councillor Judith Elliot, and her planning row with Morrisons. Morrisons have extended their Plants and flowers section into their trolley store, without gaining planning permission from Leeds City Council. Which means that the trolleys will have be stored elsewhere. The car park next to Morrisons is owned by Leeds City Council. Will they be storing these trolleys on Leeds City Council property, rent free?
Morrisons opened in 1972, perhaps, in this year of the Queens Diamond jubilee, Morrisons will be donating some of their expertise to put something back into its local community? One can always wish, but it was once the case. Just over the road from Morrisons there is Scatcherd Park and Morley Hall, which were both given to the people of Morley by wealthy beneficiaries, Oliver Scatcherd and Charles Scarth.

In 1967 Morrisons became a public limited company listed on the London Stock Exchange. The store in Morley is one that makes a million pounds, year after year. Perhaps they should put something back into the local community? In Dartmouth Park there are some old, in need of replacement park benches, that were donated by various members of the Morley Civic Society. A few park benches shouldn’t break the bank for a company that earns so much from Morley.


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