Simplify the VAT system?

What a rip off. George Osbourne wants to “simplify the VAT system”. But he seems to want to simplify it upwards, on everyday goods too. Other countries have higher rates of VAT than the UK, and that is a good way to raise money. But surely everyday food items should not be subject to VAT.

The following products are now subject to VAT – biscuits, nuts, crisps, roasted chicken, cornish pasties and bottled water. An ideal way to help those with the least money is to “simplify the VAT system”; to zero rate those everyday items. I do have an alternative list of things to include in the VAT system, that are currently zero rated – antiques, works of art and Financial services (money transactions, loans/credits, savings/deposits, shares/bonds). And one last thing that should incur VAT, newspapers.


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