Morley Railway stations facilities

In 2003, plans were in place to upgrade Morley Railway station’s facilities, Morley Town Council successfully lobbied to get some improvements. But Morleys railway station is still way behind the minimum standards of other stations and probably not compliant with the The Equality Act 2010; which bans unfair treatment of those with disabilities and helps achieve equal opportunities in the workplace and in wider society. Patronage at Morley station has increased remarkably in recent years. Recorded usage in 2002/03 was 27,296 journeys per year, that increased by more than 250% in the following four years up to 2006.

Despite this commuter growth, very little has been done to bring this station into the 21st century. For example, there is no visual live passenger information, only one platform is accessible for disabled passengers, there is insufficient parking and there is no a taxi rank; all of which combine to make the station not as user friendly and pleasant as other stations in West Yorkshire. Even some bus stops have live visual passenger information. Morleys railway station is less than a mile away from the town centre, surely a very important part of Morleys infrastructure. Since Ed Balls is our MP, I will forward this email to him so that he can take up the case with Network Rail.



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