The tax returns of George Osbourne and David Cameron?

Capitalism does need reform, but a benefits system that gives people more than £25,000; indefinitely, is corrupt. I earn around £14,000, so if I was in that same situation, then I would too would not be working, but claiming benefits. Foreign workers come to this country to take the jobs that people on benefits find uneconomical to take. Malcolm Naylor thinks that capitalism needs reform, well what about millionaires paying a lower rate of tax than an ordinary worker? Americas Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney recently released his tax returns to the media. It showed that his income tax rate is lower than 15%. Americas income tax rate for anyone earning more than $388,351 is 35%; Mitt Romney earned more than $40 million in the past 2 years. I would like to see the tax return of George Osbourne and David Cameron. The fear is that the wealthy in this country are also able to take advantage of the tax system that allows them to pay a very low tax rate on their income. George Osbourne is on the record of wanting to reduce the 50% income tax rate. What a scam this is, when the Conservatives are able to twist the media to get ordinary people to vote Conservative. Those protesters in tents that ‘occupied’ cities around the world started the rebellion against the millionaires, Ed Milliband took up the reigns and now, the Chief Executive of the RBS Group, Stephen Hester has relinquished his million pound bonus. Perhaps now that Stephen Hester has now started the ball rolling, the disparity between the lowest paid and the wealthy might decrease? We now seem to have a class war, brought about by the greedy, who can never have enough money.


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