Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Before the last election David Cameron said he would “crackdown on supermarkets and other stores selling alcohol at below-cost”. But we are still waiting, despite the treasury in great need of more funds. Last week a group of 19 top doctors and academics urged the Government to take “bold action” and follow the lead of Scotland by bringing in minimum prices for drinks. And again the Prime Minister promised to “take action”. We have people drinking to such excess at Christmas that the police and the, struggling ambulance service, finds it difficult to cope. David Cameron needs to decide if it prefers more taxation on alcohol, or a minimum price. Perhaps an increase in tax on retail, affecting supermarkets and off-licenses and a minimum price in bars and pubs. The former meaning more tax for the exchequer and the later helping pubs and by allowing them to set higher prices whilst keeping the profits. Alcohol-related deaths have risen by 40 per cent in 10 years, lets get merry this Christmas, but not too merry.


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