Morley Queen of Shopping?

After reading an article in the Morley Observer  (16th November), I was disappointed that a planning application being heard at Bristol, for Ladbrokes to place one of its betting shops at the front entrance of Morley market had been passed. But there still hope. A private member’s bill by Joan Rudduck MP for Lewisham Deptford, had its first reading on 19th July 2011. The bill would require local planning authorities to assess demand for betting shops when considering applications for premises in that planning use class and place a cap on the number of betting shops for which planning permission may be granted in any area. Mary Portas (Mary Queen of Shops) who is leading an independent review into the future of the high street supports Joan Ruddocks private members bill, she has said that in the planning rules, betting shops should be in a separate class of their own. Joan Ruddocks bill is expected to have its second reading debate on 20th January 2012. Perhaps our local MP, Ed Balls can help the local campaign, support the private members bill and then if it is passed; inform local people of the next stage in the appeal process.

Mary Portas also said that “Government should consider whether business rates can better support small businesses and independent retailers.” Instead of having much higher business rates for the small High Street retailer, when compared to the favourable rates of out of town superstores; perhaps that advantage could be taken away from the big stores


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