Pigeon Poo

Here in Morley, we have the Town Council wanting to cull Pigeons because their droppings are contributing to causing damage to Morley Town Hall; over in Yeadon they have been shooting Geese; over in Wigan Ruddy Ducks have been be wiped out after Council bosses “reluctantly” agreed to a controversial cull. Sea Gulls are another bird that is persecuted by officialdom. Of course if a species is successful, culling will have only a temporary effect. Feral Pigeons can lay over 10 eggs per year if they have an adequate food supply. So culling is not the answer, removal of the food supply or habitat is the answer. In the case of Morley Town Hall, netting and porcupine wire to prevent birds from roosting in certain areas is what is needed. Many thousands of pounds worth of damage to Morley Town Hall has been blamed on Pigeons, perhaps a tighter maintenance regime was needed?



4 Responses to Pigeon Poo

  1. Bywater blog says:

    According to the local newspaper (Morley Observer and Advertiser), Morley Town Council are receiving poison letters (pun intended?) and emails from around the world. But they are still considering “working with some of the groups that want to move the birds to another area!

  2. Bywater blog says:

    The pigeons in Morley have been saved, because it was a daft idea to cull them in the first place. By the sound of what Ton Leadley wrote about the state of the Town Hall, its maintenance is woeful. The reason there was a problem in the first place.


  3. Bywater blog says:

    The update to this, is that the netting which was nailed with metal rivets to the stonework has caused thousands of pounds worth of damage. Cracked and chipped stonework can be seen at eye level, with holes made in the large blocks of sandstone. This Grade 1 listed building should not have been treated in this way. There may also be more damage higher up. There is scaffolding at the very top of the Town Hall, so some kind of building work is taking place. Who will pay for this is any-ones guess. The Town Hall has managed to look in pristine condition for all these years. The over reaction to this pigeon and lack of maintenance has resulted in more damage.

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