Directly elected Mayors

A plan under the control of the ex-Bradford Councillor, Eric Pickles, will see twelve of Englands largest cities adopt directly elected mayors, subject to referendums and councillor scrutiny. In this area that includes Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield. Having just watched a news item about Northern Ireland, Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness is in with a good chance of becoming their President. If a man who was involved so closely with the IRA and the deaths of many hundreds of innocent people can be even considered is appalling. I am very much in favour of spreading democracy, but it seems that people seem to give as much thought as to who to vote for as they do for X factor and Strictly Come Dancing. So before we have a referendum on whether we want to elect a City Mayor, can we have some likely candidates named? I understand that the Chuckle Brothers want to open a “free school” in Rotherham, so perhaps they will be too busy?


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