David Camerons words mean nothing

It is well over a year since David Cameron claimed that his government would be the “greenest ever”. Back in 2010 Tesco, B&Q and Marks & Spencer were among the big brands that held talks with the government about delivering the green deal, along with energy companies. Sadly, a year on from David Cameron’s pledge to be the greenest government ever, his coalition increasingly feels like the last Tony Blair Labour government all over again. David Camerons Conservatives made lots of promises and spun the media, but the Liberal Democrats are the scapegoats. The 2010 Conservative manifesto included “Reform of Air Passenger Duty” and David Cameron said that he was in favour of “frequent flyer” taxes, but even when Government needs to raise more funds, it was just spin. In August 2010 david Cameron said that he wanted to end “deep discounting on alcohol”. The negative impacts of cheap alcohol on children’s health are substantial. But again the Conservatives have done nothing. I like the sound of “the Big Society”, but that is just another Tory smoke screen.


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