Dangerous dogs

I was appalled to see reports of yet another report of pit bull/Staffordshire bull terrier type dog attack. This time it was in Middleton Woods, Leeds, rather close to home my home. The nine-year-old Leeds boy had to curl up into a little ball to save himself from two dogs who attacked him whilst he was playing. Why is no one trying to sort out this problem that we still have with dangerous dogs. It would seem to me that at the very least it should be compulsory for every dog of this type to be chipped. This would then make the owners responsible for the actions of their dogs. In the USA Labrador Retrievers have been the most popular breed of dog for the last 2 years, but yet none of that breed were involved in the 66 deaths caused by dogs attacks in the last 2 years. Instead pit bull/Staffordshire bull terrier type dogs were involved in 37 of the deaths. So perhaps it the type/breed of bog, perhaps its because the owners train their dogs for aggression. But there is a problem, and no-one is taking any notice. Every dog breed of a type capable of doing harm should be registered and trained.


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