sentences need to be tougher

The leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, said that we have a “moral collapse” and that the “broken society” is at the top of his agenda. So, one expects that we will see some drastic changes, or will it be just spin and tinkering at the edges?

At the start of the riots we did have a failure of the police to be able to act and quell the rioters, because of their overwhelming numbers; the police had to take a step back and just watch the rioters get down to it. In recent years, the parents too, have taken a step back from the parenting of their children. Its all too easy for parents to avoid responsibility, because the state will do it. The role of parents gets less important as the schools and the state take over. No longer do parents give their children sex education, healthy eating advice, even morals are taught by schools. Schools are expected to be strict, because the parents are not. Extra resources are given to the high performing schools; if parents don’t live near a good school then their children have a much harder task to make their life a success. The Government gives parents free childcare, putting presure on parents to work when they may be needed in the family home. Schools and early years providers have to care for children from birth; with breakfast and after school clubs too, and then Government wonders why parents do not feel responsible for their children.

So now we have the Government blaming the parents for not knowing where their children are, but yet its the Government that fails to support marriage and two parent families.

Mr Cameron also said he wanted a “family test” applied to all domestic policies to ensure they did not undermine or “stop families from being together”. So the first thing that comes into conflict with is evicting families from social housing. Wandsworth Council have served a family with an eviction notice for their sons involvement with the riots, and that is before there has been a conviction, to me that stinks of playing politics with peoples lives. Iain Duncan Smith has said that people convicted of involvement in rioting could lose their benefits, even if they are not jailed. How disgusting that people claiming benefits are being singled out for harsher sentences, but why would our millionaire Prime Minister care about that? If the sentences need to be tougher, make them tougher for everyone.


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