childhood obesity

A sedentary lifestyle plays a significant role childhood in obesity, and the staff at Morleys council run sports centre were on radio Aire last week saying just that. There’s nothing especially different about levels of child obesity in Leeds, apart from the fact that obesity levels in West Yorkshire are worse than most other areas of England. For years, we’ve had various health and anti-obesity initiatives run by different agencies. All the research shows there are more overweight children than 20 years ago, so everything that has been tried, has failed. Regular physical activity, done as a family, brings long-lasting benefits. So why is it that most sports centres have a policy that bars children under 14 years old from taking part in many of their exercise programmes?

Morleys brand new sports cetre more than doubled the size of its bodyline gym, but what about the children? What ever happened to having fun, whilst doing exercise? A few weeks ago, the small pool in Morleys sports centre turned away many small children with their parents due to staff shortages. Why do other Towns/Cities have fun water slides in their sports centres, Dewsbury and Wakefield to name just two, yet Leeds sports centres are just bland and boring? Many exercise classes have a minimum age limit of 14 years old. Kids younger than 14 love dance, but yet they are not able to participate in the new exercise/dance, the Zumba. Is this health and safety gone mad? Due to Government cuts, the free swimming for kids was axed, yet pensioners still get free bus travel and free TV licenses; what about our children?


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