Morley South 2011

Now the dust has settled following the recent local elections on the 5th May, my explanation of Labours Neil Dawson’s win is that there was a 10% swing to Labour nationally, and an extra push by Labour meant that the turnout increased and got more voters to the polling station. There was also no independent standing, as there was in 2007, the late Albert Slingsby. Labours gain in Morley South resulted in the ousting of Terry Grayshon, who has been the City Councillor for Morley South since 2007, when he won with 35% of the vote. With Michael Mee(BNP) coming second with 28%. Now in this year’s election the BNP’s Chris Beverley changed allegiances to the English Democrats, but in doing so, he failed to gain any more support, in fact his share of the votes slipped back to less than 20%. Very difficult for a new Party to gain enough support on their first effort.

And in the Town Council election, the same swing and push by individual candidates helped Labour to get a total of five Councillors elected to the Town Council. Myself standing as an independent putting out news about the poor performance of the Town Council, may have also had a negative effect on the MBIs. So the Morley Borough Independent voters, voted for the high profile candidate in the Central ward, Terry Grayshon; with the other MBIs languishing some distance behind. The MBI voters do just vote for the party, just as some Labour and Conservative voters do. So Terry Grayshon, who is better known because of his role as the Town Mayor and anything in connection with the Armed Forces; was elected to the Town Council with 415 votes, second to be elected was Neil Dawson with 408 votes and Louise Bentley with 360 votes. In the Town Council election, I stood, my first time, as an independent for Morley Central. I got 172 votes, which worked out at 7.9% of the votes. Which as I found out, was more than two other independents that stood for the first time. So thanks to everyone that voted for me, and hopefully we can do it again in four years time. The two Labour Councillors in the Central ward will be joined on the Town Council by three more Labour Councillors, having taken advantage of the national swing to Labour. A sad fact that national swings elect and de-select councillors, but for no other reason.


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